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Or simply it could be a midevil beer run...

›› 12/01/10

For right now I'm shooting for a once a week update while I get my "drawing legs" back. I've been wanting to work on this project for a long time. I'm trying to decide if I want to do this by the "season" or by the "chapter". Right now I'm working on revamps, and rebuilding, I have quite a few questions regarding my place that need to be fixed, hopefully I can get this to happen.

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11/25/10: What a long strange journey I've embarked at. 4 years, it's been 4 years since I had anything to do with this site. 4 years since doing a comic on comicgenesis. I think enough time has past. During the comic days I'm going to start working on a new page for this.... My updates will be once a week. I've already gotten a good amount of comics under my belt that are finished. I'm going to be increasing that as time goes on.

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